TouchFree™ Self Sterilizing Stick

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Do you know that 80% of infections are spread by hand? The best way to lower your risk of infection is to  avoid being exposed to germs and viruses.

Keep your hands safe from possible germ-contaminated door handles, elevator buttons and light switches  with our No Touch Self Sterilizing-Stick. 

With your safety and health in mind, this simple yet effective device protects you from direct contact with germs and prevents cross infection. 


No touch Self-Sterilizing Stick works like a protective glove that keeps germs away from your hands. It is equipped with a  stylus for pressing buttons and a clip that fits most door or drawer handles.


Being  safe and germ free in public places is no longer a problem with this ready to use device especially opening public doors ! 


  • SELF STERILIZING AND REUSABLE-contact points are automatically sanitized because of the unique sponge pad that absorbs your sanitizer. 

  • SMALL AND COMPACT- It can easily fit in your pocket or bag and you can carry it around conveniently

  • DURABLE AND ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY-made of high quality ABS material and eliminates the use of rubber gloves that harms the environment 

  • NON SLIP GRIP- ergonomically designed to ensure ease of use when opening door handles and requires minimal effort


  1. Drip one to two drops of disinfectant to the sponge pad before use. Please note that the device does not come with a disinfectant. 
  2. Open the front cover to press elevator buttons. The disinfectant will kill viruses and germs it comes in contact with.

        3. Open the side cover and use it to clip door or drawer handles to avoid directly                touching them with your hand. 


  • 1 X No Touch Self Sterilizing Stick