StayClean™ Auto Shoe Cover Dispenser

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Tired of family members and guests  stomping dirt around your house and leaving you the hassle of cleaning up the mess?

Our StayClean™ Auto Shoe Cover Dispenser is the solution!No one wants the dreaded task of cleaning up a trail of dirt that contains germs, viruses and bacteria.

StayClean™ makes things a lot easier and safer ! Avoid the hazard and keep your floors perfectly clean and shiny after your visitors leave.


StayClean™ Auto Shoe Cover Dispenser is ideal for businesses too! Make your Customers  feel that their health and safety is your utmost priority.

Nothing impresses our customers more than a clean and eco-friendly office, so  let StayClean™ help you maintain a germ-free work environment and keep those dirt away!



  • AUTO-SPRING MECHANISM SAVES VALUABLE TIME- It works on mechanical springs that automatically releases a booty around your shoes when you stand on its center. No bending required!

  • HOLD MULTIPLE COVERS AT ALL TIME- can be refilled for continuous use

  • NON-SLIP MAT - assures safety from losing your balance and it is big enough to cover all shoe sizes



  1. Place the StayClean™ on the  doorway of your home or office.
2. Step on the center of the dispenser and it will automatically release a booty           that wraps around your shoes.
3. Step out of the center and walk your way inside the home or office.


  • 1 X StayClean™ Auto Shoe Cover Dispenser