ProGear™ Protective Cap Cover

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Put a creative  twist to your protective gear and be fashionable while safeguarding your health against  dust, pollution & virus- carrying splatters and droplets.

ProGear™ Protective Cap Cover allows you to double up as a safety face shield capable of providing superior protection from health hazards you encounter everyday.

Protective gears do not have to look boring or even scary with our  ALL NEW. Protective Cap Cover

The panoramic transparent shield of our ProGear™ Protective Cap Cover provides a seamless vision and can easily be adjusted to block sunlight or expand your vision.

Designed for easy cleaning and storage, the face shield can easily be removed when you no longer need it. It can protect you from viruses and outside dusts and dirt to keep you physically fit and healthy. 



  • 360 DEGREE PROTECTION-effectively isolates your face from unwanted germs, saliva splatters and droplets that cause life-threatening diseases.

  • DETACHABLE TPU FACE SHIELD- face shield allows users to conveniently clean and disinfect it after each use
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL- Unisex and adjustable using the back buckle to fit almost all heads.


  • COMFORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT-materials are waterproof,dust proof and allow proper ventilation. 



  1. Put the cap on your head and attach the face shield using the vintage metal clasp
  2. Adjust the angle of the shield to your preference.
  3. After using it or when no longer needed,  detach the face shield from the cap.


  • 1 X  ProGear™ Protective Cap Cover