Premium Scalp Massager Shower Brush

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Experience Deep relaxation as you exfoliate and clean your Scalp

✔Shampoo brush with perfect grip handle to fit your hand comfortably (Manual with no battery required & Waterproof)

✔Scalp massager with soft thick silicone bristles stimulate blood flow to the scalp and oil glands (Deep clean and exfoliate the scalp)

✔Relax the scalp muscles and reduce stress (Wonderful Feeling)

✔No need to worry about your long nails or sensitive scalp (as well as all hair types)


  • ✅Massage your scalp and stimulate blood circulation 
  • ✅This comb helps to Deep clean and massage your scalp at the same time which Lifts away dead skin cells and oil buildup to give you Strong hair roots and promote Hair growth

  • ✅Scalp massage is an easy shortcut to relaxation 
  • ✅BAP Free Stands & Food Grade High-Quality Silicone. Even soak in high-temperature water

  • ✅Our brush will always keep out of any chemicals and ensure safety
  • ✅Scalp massager with soft thick silicone 

bristles stimulate blood flow to the scalp and oil glands (Deep clean and exfoliate the scalp)

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