Premium Blend Natural Hair Growth Oil

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Do you have embarrassing bald spots? Hair fall getting You worried? Worry no more, with this Premium Hair Growth Oil You'll start growing Your hair back!

A customized lightweight blend of 100% organic essential oils, natural plants, and herbs specifically, it promotes faster hair growth by nourishing the scalp while stimulating and strengthening the hair follicles. The nut oil prevents fungal growth on the scalp.
Rich in vitamin E, the Oil provides keratin strength to the hair. It reduces the frizziness of the hair and damage due to fungal growth. It keeps the hair well moisturized and nourished all day long

Say goodbye to bald spots, hair-fall and say hello to thick and beautiful hair. Buy Yours now!


  • Improve hair loss, hair dry and others.
  • Moisturizes hair to give You shiny, smooth and supple texture.
  • Softens and detangles hair.
  • Stretches relaxers.
  • Balanced scalp oil secretion, improve blood microcirculation, activate hair follicle cells, nourish hair roots to supplement the nutrients required for hair growth


  • Add the appropriate amount of the Oil in the shampoo (Recommended: 3ml for each 100ml shampoo). Stir or shake to mix.
  • Directly drip appropriate amount in the palm, evenly applied to hair.
  • Used before and after perm treatment to repair damage caused by heat.
  • Can be mixed evenly with the hair mask, giving You double curing.


  • Net weight: 20 ml
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Ingredient: 100% of plant extract, Vitamin E, essential oils
  • Flavor: Herbaceous


  • 1 x Premium Hair Growth Oil
**Save an additional 10-20% when you Purchase 2 or More!