Magnetic Tablet Drawing Board

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Teaching your child to write takes more than just putting a pencil in his hand and showing him the alphabet. 

Learn and master the shape of letters and numbers with our Magnetic Table Drawing Board! It’s a sensory learning toy that is sure to be a hit with children who are struggling to write.

Proven to improve writing abilities after the first week of regular use, it makes learning to write a stress-free activity for you and your child. 

Give your child a good head start! Magnetic Tablet Drawing Board helps train hands to be steady, it promotes muscle memory and develops hand-eye coordination.

It is so fun to use! Beads pop out from the magnetic stylus pen as your early learner traces along the lines and he can erase them just by using hi fingers.

No doubt about it, StudyMate is your child’s perfect writing buddy!


  • ENGAGING AND FUN- say goodbye to boring writing activities and switch to for an innovative way to learn and improve his writing skills. 

  • CLASSIC TOY AND SENSORY LEARNING TOOL-that gives great result after a week of regular use

  • SAFE TO USE-The beads are completely self-contained and will never fall out 


  1. Just trace along the lines using the magnetic stylus pen and see the beads pop out. 
  2. Erase the beads with your hands


1 X Magnetic Tablet Drawing Board