LumiNess™ Prism

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Meet the newest addition to your camera pouch LumiNess™ Prism 

The LumiNess™ Prism is one of a kind gift.  It functions as a trichroic beam splitter: this cube of four prisms with dichroic optical coatings allows a beam of white light to be separated into a range of colors of the light spectrum! ~ But physics aside, its great to look at!

You can use the LumiNess™ Prism to take some of the most amazing pictures you'll ever see! It's a must-have for your next adventure!

Say goodbye to the hassle of expensive equipment to take unique and stunning shots - the LensSphere™ does it all. Unique ultra-focused shots that don't break the bank!

This simple, yet astounding glass Prism was made to illuminate your picture with surprising color spectrum

Package Includes:

    • 23mm in Size
    • Includes: 1x LumiNess™ Prism