Houwlie™ Slimming Hula Hoops

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Burn Calories and show off a trim waistline without torturing your hips or denting your pocket!

If you think that having a slim waistline is an impossible dream, let our Houwlie™ Slimming Hula Hoops show you the way!

Unlike traditional Hula Hoops that require a ton of energy for manual spinning, using Houwlie™ Hula Hoop gives you an “effortless” dream workout with  better results. 

Keep track of your fitness progress with Infinity’s built -in smart counter that calculates and stores data of your exercises. It tracks every spin and the amount of time you spend working out so you can continue to improve and reach your goal.

Why torture your hips to get that whistle-bait figure you desire, when Houwlie™ Slimming Hula Hoops can do the work while you enjoy your workout. 


  • AUTO- SPINNING- Instead of energy-draining manual spinning, Infinity has a centrifugal ball that requires little effort to get the best results - a sexy, trimmed waist!

  • EFFORTLESS WORKOUT-  With the help of the  centrifugal ball, you can achieve your Hula Hoop goals without exerting a ton of energy and time.

  • 360-DEGREE PRESSURE is  applied to your abs, love handles and lower back for effective training
  • COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE- It’s for everyone and can fit  any waist size.


  1. Find the triangle lock and press firmly

2. Find the support bar and install the waist support bar
3. Find the load-bearing hammer with the protrusions facing the front.

  • 1 X Houwlie™ Slimming Hula Hoops