Screen Magnifier for Phone

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Product Description

Today's modern technology brought us more gadgets, i phones, tablets, Android phones and other mobile technologies that we use in watching movies in Netflix or Online streaming sites. Sometimes it causes us finding good resolutions and creates trouble in our eyes which causes us to have eye strain because of it's minimal screen size.

12 Inch Stereoscopic Phone Screen Enlarger brought us to life! You can now enjoy watching movies and enhance your movie viewing experience more. It can magnify the mobile screen 4-6 times which is very good for the eyes to see and don't cause discomfort and eye fatigue.


Enjoy a better experience on your favorite Apps

  • With high-definition optical technology
  • With no resolution drop
  • Perfect for watching movies and reading
  • Anti UV, radiation protection 
  • Lightweight folding design
  • very portable device
  • No need for power supply, energy saving
  • Also ideal for all outdoor activities
  • Compatible with all mobile phone


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