Premium Microwavable Double Egg Poacher

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🔥🔥Perfectly poached eggs every time. Not one but two at the same time. How convenient is that? 

Either you getting ready for office or getting your young ones ready for school. Early mornings can be hectic. So just imagine how much time you can save with these Double Egg Poacher!! 🍳🍳


  • Made of Food grade, high-quality PP plastic material 
  • Ideal for all types of microwave oven
  • Individual colanders allow you to drain and serve eggs with ease
  • With integrated egg cracker
  • Dish washer safe, so just use it and throw it in dishwasher without any worries


This handy microwave cooker makes it easy to poach eggs for topping noodle dishes, salads, eggs Benedict and more. the included lid keeps everything in place until ready to cook. Great for breakfast, desk lunches, quick weeknight meals and more.

  • Simply add hot water to the fill line, 
  • crack an egg into each cup using the built-in cracking ridge 
  • Cover and microwave until eggs reach the desired texture. (Time varies based on your Microwave Oven Settings)
  • Lift-out colanders drain each egg container, serve and enjoy