AutoClean™ Smart UV Clean Bot

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Worried about disease - causing germs? Sanitize your home or anywhere you go in a smart and easy way!

Stay germ- free with AutoClean™ Bot, our Smart Disinfecting-Robot. Designed with your health in mind which has four UV- C lamps capable of eliminating 99.99 % germs and bacteria on any surface and prevents the spread of airborne- viruses.

You can rest easy and feel safe knowing that you have the ultimate disinfecting solution at your fingertips.


Enjoy your travels and avoid exposure to germs found on hotel beds and furniture. AutoClean™ Bot sensors ensures it will never get stuck  or fall off. You can unwind while AutoClean™ Bot sanitizes your hotel bed and other fabrics for you! It's very easy and simple to use product.



  • POCKET SIZE -  fits easily into backpacks and luggage's. Stay germ-free even on the go!

  • With its Wheel Technology, the CleanseBot can climb over any lumps and bumps

  • VERSATILE AND EASY TO USE - It can sanitize beds, pillowcases, toys, bathroom fixtures, light switches and even kitchen utensils

  • SAFE TO USE AROUND PETS AND CHILDREN -it cleans without any chemicals, residues or odor. 


  1. Set the CleanseBot on the bed or any surface, you want to disinfect.
  2. Leave it on for 30 to 60 minutes to clean the surface on your area.

   3. For a handheld mode, place the handled cover on the CleanseBot and pick it up        to clean with ease.


  • 1 X AutoClean™ Smart UV Clean Bot